Chicago big shoulder rock band Dragonfly Red pulls influences from a wide range of genres including rock, soul and blues.  

Singer/Guitarist Robbie Rhodes slays the audience with his soulful bluesy vocals.   His guitar playing is clean and masterful!  His powerful hook filled rock riffs will captivate any venue he sets foot in!  

Scottie Zaporowski is an "old soul" and  a monster on the bass!  Killer bass grooves for days, Scottie lays em down with the best of them!  

Lead/Rhythm guitarist Todd Flowers adds the needed riffs with his blues/rock background.  The lead swap symphony between Robbie and Todd are dynamic and amazing!  

Drummer Tommy Griseta brings the energy with his  timely rhythm patterns filled with powerful "BamBam" beats and cymbal crashes!  

A very talented, passionate group of musicians that are looking to bring back some great rock and roll!